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Tips on Redesigning your Closet

Summary: Spruce up your closet by following these easy-to-read tips.

There are several different ways that you can design a closet. One problem people often run into after a period of time is facing the task of finding their items. Are you still satisfied with your original design? Maybe it’s a time for a change. Here are some ways you can redesign your closet.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

Closet-Organizers-Maple-Spice2Make sure you clean out your closet. Take a look at all the items and start removing the ones that haven’t been used in ages. Create two piles that designate whether you want to keep your clothes or donate them. This comes in handy because many people abuse their closet organization systems by mixing everything together, and ultimately making an outfit harder to pick out.

Consider Renovating Your Closet

Is it time for a whole new look? After removing all of the items in your closet, you might want to think about creating a new image for the interior. You can go with building your own organizers by reading about diy closet systems. Choosing this option can be tougher but also very rewarding as soon as you see your finished product.

Renovating Factors

By choosing to renovate your closet, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. You will need to identify the closet wall structure and determine which tools are needed to drill through them. Determine which type of new shelving that you want: laminate or wire. Both are sturdy and both have a unique look.

You will also need to determine the space requirements. There is nothing worse than purchasing a new shelf only to find out that it doesn’t fit correctly. Make sure to do the proper research so that your problems can be limited from day one.

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