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Top Tips for Buying New Sofa Cushions For Your Home

Written by: The Foam Factory

Purchasing new cushions is easy when you know exactly what to look out for.

leather-sofaWhen it comes to finding replacement cushions for your sofa or couch, there are several variables that must be considered. For instance, as a society, the average American weights 20% more than years ago. This is a substantial increase and has been incorporated within the construction of mattresses. Certain cushions are now designed to withstand additional weight. Here are some tips on what you should keep an eye out for when finding your new cushions.

What to Consider In Your New Cushions

Before you go about purchasing your new cushions, it’s important that you consider the overall firmness of the cushion itself. Remember, cushions will eventually lose its firmness over time. If you buy one that’s too soft, you’ll likely be replacing it much quicker than you would with a denser one.

The Difference between Seat Cushions and Back Cushions

Seat cushions are essentially designed with a high quality foam core that is surrounded by a mixture of feathers and down – they may also add some fiber. Back cushions on the other hand, are purely a mixture of feathers, down, and fiber. You can also purchase spring down seat cushions, which utilize a spring set within the foam core to provide additional support.

Consider the Variables

Once you have selected the right couch or sofa cushions, make sure that you measure accurately. Cushions are typically measure by two values: density and IFD (indentation force deflection). Density is the mass of weight per cubic foot while IFD measures the feel of the cushions. The lower the IFD rating of the cushion, the softer it will feel – and vice versa.