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Unique Rose Lamp and Antique Egg Lamp Design Model

Artistic Rose Lamp Design ModelThey are available in many colors, they are pink, red, purple, dark purple etc. The size is 10cm width 13cm height. But for egg lamp has white base color. It can change color automatically and emotional motives.

Unique Egg Lamp Design IdeasIt can serve as a candle during light off, for lighting when sleeping, for birthday party, events, or you want to put in the car. It creates very romantic room. It’s also suitable for a wedding gift, a gift for girlfriend, a gift for friends, and other gifts. Rose Lamp uses button battery or watch battery. This candle measures 8 × 8 × 8cm like small cup, so easy to carry and removable wherever you want. The usage is quite easy, there are switch On / OFF button at the bottom.