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Why foam is the best-looking type of cushion filling

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Earlier, we looked at the reasons why foam is the most reliable type of cushion filling. If you’re the type of home designer with an eye for good aesthetics, it might not surprise you to know that the same reasons why foam is reliable also make it the best-looking type of cushion filling.

As we’ve shown, foam is generally more firm and durable than the other types of cushion filling such as down and polyester. Most types of foam are also better at reverting to their original shapes after pressure has been applied to them. Because of foam’s solid, even surface, it will look smooth and sturdy for a much longer time without the need for constant monitoring and maintenance. The most expensive, high-quality sofas tend to use the denser, thicker varieties of foam for this reason.

In contrast, the other fillings easily become wrinkled and uneven. Down cushions lose their shape almost immediately after you sit on them, and they require regular fluffing to maintain their volume and to keep them looking fresh and inviting. There are even hybrid cushions made of foam and polyester that don’t last very long because the polyester breaks down easily. If you want your cushions to be the most aesthetically pleasing, the best solution is to get all-foam cushions.

The Foam Factory provides highly customizable foam cushions that look and feel great. You can opt for a firmer cushion material such as HD36 Foam if having a great-looking sofa is your number one priority. Contact them today for more details.