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Why foam is the healthiest type of cushion filling

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

We’ve previously looked at why foam is the most reliable and best-looking cushion filling, but today, we’d like to talk about why foam is the healthiest type of cushion filling. Most customers gravitate towards foam or down sofa cushions. Choosing the wrong type of cushion out of these two might be less beneficial for your health in the long run. Here’s why foam is the healthier choice.

As we’ve shared in the previous blog, foam provides the most comfort because of its mix of malleability and durability. It conforms to your body’s shape while also distributing your weight more evenly throughout the cushion. This means that there is more relief from the unhealthy pressure and body compression that comes with sitting. This superior support can improve posture and blood circulation while preventing back pain, body stiffness, and digestive issues. The body has a harder time moving blood and digesting food when your lower midsection is compressed, so the right cushion can counteract the negative health effects of sitting and provide comfort for extended periods of time.

At times, down cushions may be too soft, which can actually aggravate pain and digestive issues. If you feel like you are sinking into your couch, you are not sitting with the correct posture. This is why it is crucial to have a balance between softness and support, which will keep your posture aligned and your body in good shape.

If you’re ready to switch to foam couch cushions, be sure to browse through The Foam Factory’s products to find the cushion that’s right for you.