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Why foam is the most reliable type of cushion filling

Article provided by The Foam Factory

Contrary to what some may believe, not all sofa cushions are created equal. There are several different types of cushion filling with their own benefits and disadvantages. Despite the multiple filling options, foam is still the most common, likely due to its balanced mix of durability and comfort. You can see this for yourself after comparing it to the other popular types of cushion filling.

People who prefer the softest type of cushions will probably choose cushions filled with feathers or down. Down feathers are certainly soft, but they come with a set of downsides. First, down is not waterproof at all. If down is exposed to the elements or accidental liquid spills, it won’t dry well or quickly. Second, it is very easy for down cushions to lose their form, which means you will constantly have to fluff or plump the cushions to make sure they can hold their form and support your weight.

Polyester is another popular option for cushion filling. Polyester’s biggest strength is being an inexpensive, low-maintenance alternative to down, as it also starts as a very soft material. However, polyester flattens and loses its softness over time, eventually becoming less and less comfortable to sit on. Furthermore, polyester does not react well to high temperatures, making it more uncomfortable to sit on during hot summer days.

In contrast, foam lasts a long time and conforms to your body shape, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed throughout the cushion for maximum comfort. Foam also comes in waterproof variants and several different densities. You can pick a high-density foam for a firmer cushion or a low-density foam for a softer one, based on your personal needs and preferences.

If you’ve used down or polyester cushions your whole life, you owe it to yourself to try foam cushions at least once. The Foam Factory provides customizable foam seat cushions both for indoor and outdoor usage. Their outdoor cushions are made from Dryfast foam, which makes them highly resistant to moisture and precipitation. They will cut foam cushions in any shape and measurement you need so that they fit your sofa perfectly. Contact them today for more information.