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10 Artistic and Amazing Double Kids Bedroom Design Inspiration

Green Berloni Double Bedroom Design for KidsThe meaning of “double” is the bedroom that used by two children. For small family who still occupy a tiny house must have problem if you have two children, while the house has only two bedrooms.

Blue Green Berloni Double Bedroom Design for KidsThe only solution is putting two children in one room. But this is no easy matter because the children must have the character and nature of each. Even putting two beds in one room, it would be difficult in the setting. So how?

Innovative Double Berloni Bedroom Design for KidsThe answer is choosing a bed with compact design that integrated and harmonious. It is not difficult to design a child’s bedroom with one concept for both. If laid out well and comfortable, certainly the child would be happy despite having to share the privacy and sharing area. No need to restrict with barriers, the most important thing is facilitating the needs of each.

Luxury Teenager Bedroom Design ModelThese bed designs should be compact. Compact bed is a bed that not spend place and each element has clear function. Compact bed is recommended to suit the space. Keep in mind that choosing child bed design is very important because sleep is one of the important things in the process of growth.

Orange Berloni Double Bedroom Design for KidsTherefore, it is required right bed design to support the growth. Below are some examples of compact bed that might inspire in designing bedrooms for children.