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8 Classic Bedroom Design Gallery

Contemporary Bedroom Design IdeaWhere did you get the most private place, which gives you time to reflect and rest in peace than in your bedroom. That’s why you make a private place is most enjoyable with charming arrangement. Option of this arrangement may be an inspiration for you to obtain a special bedroom.

1. Small and Pretty Bedroom Design

Sleek wooden bed with European-style with table lamp is placed beside the bed looks beautiful. Exclusive blue tapestry combined with unique wall poster, ideal with white and blue bed cover.

Attractive Bedroom Design Model2. Brave Bedroom Decor

You can create wall behind your exclusive bed with black paint while you put the charming pillar on the right and left, also high candle place which also painted black to decorate your bedroom. Sweet shades of red on the bed cover really gives memorable touch of beauty.

Classical Bedroom Design Image3. Luxury Atmosphere Country

This room is mixture of French blue and cream combined with cross patterns, stripes and flowers. Blend of soft and sweet colors makes this room seem so charming.

Riveting Bedroom Design Theme4. Excited Impression

A combination of feminine and masculine style of this room gives the joy impression. The mocha color on the wall looks very nice combined with tiger skin patterned carpet. The elegance of bed cover color and classic bed design makes your bedroom looks luxurious and cheerful.

Modern Bedroom Design Concept5. Appropriate Combination

The bed linen layers are neutral color, wall paper and elegant curtain design makes this room seem luxurious. The bed is covered white linen and silk pillow cases make it very classic.

Classical Bedroom Design Type6. Soft Rays

Symmetrical pattern makes this sleeping area becomes formal atmosphere, but a pair of oval mirror and leather table beside the bed, pillow case also provides comfort personal touch that is second to none.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Model7. Neutral Nuance

Soft white wall with black-and-white patterned carpet to create neutral atmosphere for rear wall of traditional-style bed. However, combination between soft white and black color really make this room seem very sweet.

Latest Bedroom Design Type8. Elegant style

Unique accessories such as, silver candlestick, classic style mirror, the chairs with Victorian style, as well as the curtain accessories on the bed same patterned with the window curtain, really has provided compelling attraction to a bedroom of teenage girl.