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A Country House on The River in California

A country house is built right in the heart of Three Rivers, California near the entrance to Sequoia National Park, a wildlife sightings road. Logging roads are also included on the river that flows beneath the house.

A home called Kaweah Falls was originally designed in the 1940s by one of the students, namely Frank Wright.

But when the owner moved, it’s renovated with adding various designs.

A stunning display for a home with the comfort offered by the concept of forest, with a sprinkling of small waterfall, as if drowned in the cozy atmosphere of the forest.

Regardless of some cool feature interior such as the dining room with views of the river that can be seen from the glass floor, there is a bridge over waters that leads to a private deck where people can sit and listen to the sound of fresh water that slid into the stone on the way down the river of the water cascade.

Choosing a vacation place for this homeowners is definitely a difficult request. It’s because the area is rare and isolated.

Luxurious dining room design idea

Amazing bedroom decoration

Fantastic living room concept

Top room to see the view of garden


River below the house