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A House Faces West Will Keep The Heat on The Wall

Hot sun began to emit heat rays at around 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The sunlight attack is not good for the home that faces west, because the attack towards the west facing sun. Because the heat from the sun will absorb and stored by the wall in front of the house and the heat will be lost after a while.

Usually in front of the room, a family gathering place. So if it absorbs heat, certainly it’s not be comfortable.

Things to consider if the house faces west is processing a house facade. This is a good way to avoid the house from the afternoon sun by using a solid wall, and will get better if the wall thicker. But not going to be beautiful if too many solid wall on the facade, because the home form will be lost and not look appealing. This can be overcome by dividing the facade into sections.

Bathroom Wall

On the bedroom wall given a coating of white sandstone. Stone installed with existing forms that arise. Shadow pattern will form as if the dramatic shadows, if exposed to light from the lamp. And the shadow will point towards the bottom in the daytime, while at night the shadow was seen pointing towards the top.

Bedroom Wall

On a bedroom wall behind the front, it is impossible to use a solid wall. But we can use the glass on the side wall facing the main road. Use the layer system in controlling the sun. Give also on the side wall of wood finishes with a horizontal pattern. So light can enter from the sidelines side.

Accents In The Middle

Cover the wall in the middle with indian slate stone in the middle of a taped extending from floor 1 to floor 2. A touch of nature was so evident from the color of the stone structure is a mixture of yellow, gray and dark gray.