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Amazing and Fantastic Furniture in Modern Living Room

Modern Home Theater DesignThese furniture designs are created by various geometric shapes that directed more recent and with greater likelihood to be used. This is a life on the furniture designed by Gabriele Centazzo to Valcucine.

Unique Cabinet with Smooth Surface TextureThis furniture has minimal design where by reducing the material to emphasize the concept of dematerialization which becomes important in this design. This furniture is called Living. Living furniture is made with the open space concept that can divide the space in harmony and more flexible.

Luxury Modular System with Geometric ShapesThis is modern furniture with clean and linear design that can be adapted for home or office. This furniture is a modular system that uses high-quality option. Cabinet is equipped with cable channel to hide the wires for the lights and TV. The Cabinet consists of storage unit, wall panel with glass display shelves or units, bookcases and shelving units, bench tops and walls.

Attractive Furniture Materials with  Greater LikelihoodThis cabinet has lighting system that spreads on the rack inside and wall equipped with cable channel. This cabinet has very smooth surface texture to be touched with your finger. A practical furniture that will make your home looks neat, elegant, and luxurious.