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Amazing and Fantastic Thermosensitive Swamp Chair Design Concept

Fantastic Thermosensitive Swamp Chair NunoErinThis is a chair that comes from NunoErin studio. This chair has an interactive feature that finished with a color in response to body heat. It is a concept that applied for the thermosensitive swamp chair, touch-sensitive seat in three bright colors, a new thermosensitive.

Modern Thermosensitive Swamp Chair NunoErinEach section will appear purple, pink, or green at room temperature and color shift quickly and dramatically is formed and printed when touched with warm hand. With each touch, body heat is transferred to the furniture and leave a light thermosensitive printing that lasted several seconds.

New Thermosensitive Swamp Chair NunoErinThe new colors are very responsive to warm temperatures and offer exciting experience that connects people with the objects in more intimate way. Interact with this collection is a fun way to express the warmth of our bodies for naturally result.