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Amazing and Futuristic Residence Design Inspiration

Beautiful Dwelling Design InspirationA beautiful house is located in the contoured land with green landscape shades between Pancar Mountain and Salak Mountain in West Java. Artificial lake in the west makes exotic landscape of this minimalist modern house design. Early, the owner said that he did not like curved dwelling. “I give a different design, the owner feels comfortable with a house as he wants. This is the background that underlies to choose box shape as house expression that make many people interest,” said an Architect.

Exotic Dwelling Design ConceptArchitect has made home sketch that shaped split-level because the home located in the contoured land that declined to the rear. Regarding the master bedroom layout, the owner would prefer if the master bedroom is on the lowest-level floor behind the land with a view overlooking the pool. While in front of the house designed three floors because land position located in the basin area with the surrounding environment is contoured. The rooms arrangement in the house is organized well and has been done early by the owner who like enjoying music, so the design team just continue the design in order to the house has ‘soul’.

Exclusive Dwelling Design IdeasThe house with total area of 478 m² and building area of 429 m² (excluding pools) were made split-level that following the contoured land shape, with six floors that have different height levels. The correlation between the space designed to flow with one another through the circulation and staircase that placed in the middle of the house to make it more efficient and keep the closeness between spaces. The interest thing is the circulation and the staircase access in the middle of the house become a meeting place for all family members when they come out from each activity room. The house expression is a collection of six boxes with six height levels. Each box has different openings following room function inside but still maintained the harmony.

Charming Dwelling Design ConceptThe composition of overlap boxes provides an opportunity to make lighting and natural ventilation into the rooms, moreover weather in the Sentul hill is still cool and very minimal pollution. The house was also designed connect with nature outdoor through the window frames and openings that have different proportions. So in this house, there are many live view paintings that constantly changing according to the weather and the sun movement. Guest bedroom box was given flat roof in order to get wide balcony overlooking the lake. This balcony can serve as a lounge for various activities such as unwind, coffee in the afternoon, or family barbecue while enjoying the natural scenery of hill and the lake expanse.

Modern Dwelling Decorating Design ModelBesides that, the staircase in the middle of the house was given the veil of glass box in order to have maximum view over the lake and provide natural lighting to the middle of the house. Family room box and master bedroom have the orientation towards a pool at the land back. Open living room was placed behind the stone wall that flowed water, fused with terrace but private enough to enjoy the home landscaping atmosphere that blends with the lake. The use of glass as roof in this living room using the spider fittings. In addition to not need light in the daytime, the use of this material also gives the futuristic impression with the breadth of view to the surrounding park and the surrounding environment. To overcome the relatively high rainfall, there are two greatest boxes that use zincalume sloping roof with wide cantilever.