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An Aesthetic Seating

The concept of seating set to the need to provide relatively small size of the area, while completing a series of seating options with a functional and welcoming at the same time, arc sculpture was designed surrounded by several satellite body and decorative elements.

Central structure manages not only to maximize the available space, but also to act dynamically to stimulate people to get close each other and thus encourage interaction and conversation.

This furniture is called Archetto and conceived as an independent module that can provide multi-functional environment.

Even through a few simple decorative elements made coherent environmental identity. Curved shape gradually expands until it becomes a kind of packaging as a versatile backrest, to allow privacy but without creating a real barrier.

Seating furniture is made of high density polystyrene and molded fiberglass covered by the project CAD-CAM, with shiny paint. This technology makes a very lightweight structure and divided into 5 modules, easy to collected and removable. A series of base metals is placed at the base of the structure.