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Artistic and Aesthetic Origami Home Decorating Design

Luxury Origami Home Decorating Design ConstructionIt’s made of origami understanding in architectural heritage. A house that created from the mass design creation, addition or reduction of the mass cover and bending in the broad needs of 400 m² on a contoured corner area of 1000 m². The architect has the opportunity to create the mass shape and modern home cover that come as “ending” of the house row that parallel to the house, so the house appears in the different architecture expression with contoured corner.

Wonderful Origami Home Decorating Design ThemeThe origami concept is from the owner’s desire who crave a modern, clear and simple residential with spacious effect of the practical space function and convenient. Extensive landscape includes one that still retained because the owner like gardening, planting the fruits and trees around the house.

Exclusive Origami Home Decorating Design IdeasBased on the owner’s needs, the rooms arrangement apply the promenade architectural concept, where space in hierarchical flow upward to peak in the master bedroom. With modern architectural style, this origami house has line composition design, sector and mass are very interesting. Composition design is not only felt at home exterior but also in the interior, as the floor level, mezzanine, and split-level designs. Despite this building appears not symmetry but it’s still seen balance between the line and area that dominant with white color with some contrast color designs that become characteristic of modern architecture. To provide an accent in the middle of the line and area, then the roof designed shaped “butterfly” which consistent with the building composition and even give the uniqueness among other buildings.

Minimalist Origami Home Decorating Design InteriorAppeal
The advantage of this house is the composition cohesiveness on the space that very efficient and wide viewpoint that can be presented almost in every direction, so the room has a large effect, not in the true sense (m²) but in vision term (visual). Some prominent aspects such as roof-shaped “butterfly”, the mass form design, bending and attractive facade stripping. The spaces arrangement inside like that. Living room and dining room are made to interact with pond, pantry, kitchen, child’s bedroom hall, and also the main staircase, they are not restricted with something massive, but only differentiated by split-level game and glass openings. Similarly, the main staircase is made no massive in order to family room felt more spacious and clean.

Popular Origami Home Decorating Design LayoutSpace Division
When entering the foyer which has a high-character space with skylights and windows around and past the stairs, the next rooms are the family room and dining room that large and spacious. Dynamic space makes this house become a home is not only success functionally but also presents the unique spaces, comfortable, and not boring. These spaces are interconnected with pond, pantry room, kitchen, child’s bedroom hall, and also the main staircase. Child’s bedroom has openings to the outside and inside in order to give room effect more spacious. Circulation spaces are also fully utilized as a study room, pantry, etc., so that space efficiency can be achieved.

Excited Origami Home Decorating Design PhotoTo get around the condition of the contoured land down towards the inside, this house was designed with split-level and created multipurpose space at the ground floor, so the architecture of space by space towards the top and not towards the bottom, which in Feng Shui is not a good thing. On the upper floor there are two bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom which is the top architecture process of this house. The master bedroom is located under the “butterfly” roof in which the side under the roof is designed by using openings that will illuminate the bedroom during the day and give the floating roof impression at night when the lights in the room lit.

Good Origami Home Decorating Design GalleryMaterial Selection & Application
Construction system that applied in this house using a reinforced concrete system like most ordinary dwelling house. For some details, such as staircase, roof and skylights using a steel construction system. As for material, using granite in the living room and dining room, wood element that provides warmth in the house, aluminum sills at openings, and in some parts of the house using zincalumn metal material, such as materials for covering some walls, roof, ceiling and roof .

New Origami Home Decorating Design TypeThe combination of steel staircase with wood stairs footing cover also become an interesting blend and impressed homy in this house. The use of natural light becomes the main consideration in designing this house that clearly visible in some rooms with the openings, skylights, or void designs, as in the foyer space is penetrated by natural light from skylights and the windows around it. With the void, split level, mezzanine and openings planning in such a way, there will be the invisibility effect horizontally and vertically that will give the spacious impression which useful for air circulation and also brings the outer space atmosphere into inside the room. Via