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Artistic and Awesome Apartment Designs Decoration

Hyde Park Chicago ApartmentsThere are many ways to create an interesting interior. The apartment space arrangement is expected not only to meet the owner’s basic needs, but also accentuate the aesthetic elements. Even the appeal is not merely expressing gorgeous shade, because interior design for this apartment is able to combine between the functionality and aesthetic into a unique creation.

Downtown Chicago ApartmentsThat is expressed in this apartment unit. The main element in the interior arrangement is a big black box that placed between the living room and the kitchen, which also separates the two space zone functions. Separator black box is not only to distinguish the use of space, but it has many functions. Some functions of black box are as cabinet for goods storage, as TV stand, and of course to cover the kitchen in order to not so visible from the living room. The lights are ‘hidden’ in the hexagon box. The presence of hexagonal elements becomes the pleasant decor aura.

South Loop Chicago ApartmentsApartment unit with an area of 69 m² has its own character with the presence of hexagon patterns, in addition to having more than one benefit, it also visually gives an artistic touch, and of course it becomes characteristic of the interior. Hexagonal elements in the black field are designed to penetrate the box. Box patterns present in the black cabinet, ceiling, and wall. These three places are connected in one unified structure which fluoresce. In addition to the hexagonal element, one part of the walls is also given a touch of roundness with different size and form interesting pattern.

Gold Coast Chicago ApartmentsHexagonal elements become part of the lighting system by using the light, but there is also as place to save books or other objects. Thus, these elements can serve as shelf, lighting, and cover. A good design idea to provide solution for apartment arrangement. Each hexagon element that serves as lighting contains two lights with colored filter. These lights can create dramatic effect and show highlight. All apartment units atmosphere can be changed by the light effect that express the yellow light that warm or the blue light that calm. The materials of the hexagonal elements are made of MDF with combination of polyurethane and plexiglass materials.

Chicago Studio ApartmentsAndreja Mitrovic and Tijana Lapcevic who have designed this apartment interior by using Rhino software to form hexagonal elements. These apartment units are designed special for women students in the business school. All surfaces in these apartment units are given white finishing touch. The use of bright color is intended to emphasize the contrast between black and green elements. Besides that, bright color also presents the room effect felt more spacious and clean. All formation in this apartment unit are made in exelab, which exelab is part of the EXE studio that devoted to create complex structure forms by using CNC router.