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Awesome Home Ideas

There is a 30yr old Japanese Maple, on the front yard, which is quite impressive for a tree and architects do not want to remove the tree and is therefore based on the design around the Japanese Maple and natural.

This is a very basic house form and simple! Architects do not want to draw attention to the architecture, but the emphasis in the surrounding nature and position of the Japanese Maple.

Japanese Maple basically to regulate the shape of the stage at home.

There are so-called ‘spine’ building displayed throughout the house.

It’s really ‘spine’ which is equivalent to the Japanese Maple and create an important direction in the Japanese Maple.

Every time you pass ‘spine’ of this house, you basically will get the energy from Maple.

When looking at the house, there is a simple rectangular upright that finished in gray color display that acts as a simple backdrop to the Maple and create a strong contrast in color.

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