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Beautiful Minimalist House E Decorating Design Construction

Attractive Minimalist House E Design InspirationThis house design inspiration is minimalist house that designed by Agraz Arquitector. It is called House E, was built on a quite challenging site. The land is located on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico. It is triangular and longest section facing the road. The planning team produced a minimalist house design that follows the land form, the house designed triangular with the main facade facing the road. This makes the house look longer and seem spacious.

Exclusive Minimalist House E Design BuildingThe building basic construction designed with simple basic geometry, combining between box and rectangular form. The facade completion designed with the white massive field, especially on upper floor. On the ground floor, the facade was designed more complex and colored. Wood element and natural stone make the house more dynamic and cheerful, solving stiffness of the building basic construction.

Charming Minimalist House E Design LayoutOne of the interesting things from this house design is the entrance. It’s placed in the front of the building and designed higher than the road that make it looks clearly. Wooden door with brighter color serves as welcome greeting. Spatial pattern processing in this house was designed compact by considering the land form. function and function zoning adopt an urban lifestyle that prioritize the practical. The building position is placed in the middle of site, so the building has three facades. By open and transparent facades processing allow the natural lighting into the house.

Best Minimalist House E Interior DesignThis house inside is not less amazing, almost same with the outdoor, the interior is still designed with wooden elements with “lattice style” combined with white and glass wall. An attractive spiral staircase with sculpture style is located in the middle of the room look very elegant. Via