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Contemporary Minimalist Courtyard Design Ideas

Awesome Two Courtyard Decorating DesignsThe basic concept of this house construction, based on the owner’s desire who wants the space placement and everything that contains the elements, rules and feng shui principles, strictly applied in this house design. Early the architect had the feng shui rules that very tight. Like the master bedroom, child’s bedroom, even the entrance. Similarly for the position, whether north, south, or west, including a desk study for children, about the height, the place etc..

Elegant Two Courtyards Design LayoutThe architect explained, “initially I was quite panicked. How to start, because all rooms should have an equally good value. But I feel quite successful in this project. Because the house that usually using feng shui very tight, if we go inside, can be perceived spatial arrangement that not general. But in this house, not at all. This house is very modern contemporary, so people do not know that inside this house actually applying the feng shui principles that very tight, including the placement of the fire, water, and metal elements.”

“I think people who use the feng shui principles are fine because it’s the people’s trust. But when in the house there are the strange and the dark rooms, it means the architect can not solve the feng shui problem. As an architect, we must be smarter how to solve design problems. But my principle, the house that applies feng shui with the right way is the house where we can feel comfortable, Feng Shui is harmony or balance. It’s not superstition but only a balance must occur in it.”

Charming Two Courtyards Design ConceptThis building has area approximately 10m x 25m and has two courtyard that serve as natural lighting and air circulation source. The abundant natural light and backed up with good air circulation, making this house as an architecture work that friendly to the environment. Although this house size is not too large, the architect’s consideration to make two courtyard in the middle and back gives positive impact to the overall this house designs. I often get criticism from the owner’s neighbors, when the building began to be built. They asked “why be a dry garden? It could be a room again. “But that’s the difference, and they realized when the house was finished, because of the presence courtyard able to present a different value.

Luxury Two Courtyards Interior DesignWith the courtyard, I actually created a chimney system, so that hot air rises to the top, because there are differences in air pressure that makes the air flow. The facade in front of house, simply draw the attention of passersby, with dynamic geometric design and an emphasis on orange box field that become the main accent on this house facade. Line, field and solid mass on facade in front of the building flowed back into the room inside the house.

Extraordinary Two Courtyards Design BuildingSpace in the ground floor is arranged in zig-zag, so that the sunlight penetration into the space can be maximized. The mirror field is also used as interior element inside the house, besides giving the spacious impression in the room, also making the room look bright because it reflects the light into every room. The house with three floors and total area of 600 m² actually has an area that not so great. Although limited, this house can meet all of the functions. In the ground floor there is a garage that can change the function as a large meeting room, so that guests do not interfere the private activity on the top floor. Even there are audio video room, gym and study room. Everything is fulfilled. Via