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Continuing Construction Work Throughout a Legal Dispute

construction-materials-disputeYou always want to do everything in your power to avoid trial, even if it means private mediation. Going to trial to solve a construction dispute can be both costly and time consuming, which is especially toxic for smaller outfits without the leeway to miss work for too long. A bad lawsuit can sink an operation before it ever gets off the ground.

If you happen to be in the midst of a legal dispute, there are some options you have to continue working through it.

Hire Short Term Managers

Whoever is involved with the dispute can be temporarily replaced with interim short term management services. This is especially important when there is a legal challenge on an existing job. You don’t want to be in a position where you must choose between working or showing up to court. If you can designate someone to manage the project in your stead, it’s worth the costs of hiring to be sure you’re done on time and within budget.

Hire Additional Personnel

Construction consultants will often advise companies to make a few additional hiring decisions to try and expedite any given project. Hiring additional personnel ensures you can complete the work required, even if the dispute involves an injury to a key person or stakeholder.

Hiring additional people does come at a small cost, but the alternative is to let a job languish and fall behind schedule.

Final Thoughts

Under certain situations, you may not be able to complete a job until the dispute is settled. This applies to material and planning disputes especially, as you may be unable to complete a job without proper supplies or plans available.

Lyle Charles offers private mediation services for commercial construction companies looking to expedite claim settlement.