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Dream Natural Villa House Decorating Design Inspiration

Awesome Villa House Design IdeasThe owner wants a house that can make him and family relax and don’t need to go to a hotel or villa to get relaxing after working all day. Therefore, the owner asked the architect to design a dwelling which still serves as a house, a place to rest, but equipped with facilities which we used to find in a villa. This house is equipped with pool, bar, open kitchen, spa, gazebo, fish pond, fitness center, and special place for praying.

Artistic Villa House Design Interior DecorRoom interior is very specific, because it was designed based on the couple’s desires and each child’s wishes. In the process of bedrooms, bathroom, walk-in closet designs, all the children involved and interviewed on their desires who each have different character and preference. The interior design process really fulfills their desires and dreams. The place for praying is precedence, it’s designed fused with the family room as meeting center during worship together. It’s designed open and visible directly from the family room and become part of the space. The building is made open and swimming pool position placed in the middle. In addition to fulfil the client’s wishes, also to adjust the building process on the land that not too large.

Exotic Villa House Decorating Design SchemeGazebo functioned as the living room. While the spa room and shower brought near the pool so it blends. Every room surrounding the pool can be seen because created openings, so that they can enjoy the view towards the pool. The room in front of gazebo functioned as living room, small two-bedroom villa for the parents, and special office for the wife working. In the middle, more semi-private area is the family room, dining room, open kitchen and bar. Rear area is the service area, rear kitchen, shoe rack area, warehouse, generator and parking area or garage. All private rooms are upstairs. Air circulation and natural lighting created a lot of openings, and large windows allowing the sunlight that illuminates this house.

Best Villa House Decorating Design FurnitureNatural color application presents in this house. The wood as interior element presented although not too much. Color selection more presents in children’s bedroom that adjusted to their dreams and desires. Although applying modern interior design concept but still containing villa resort atmosphere by using many natural stones as accent.

Wonderful Villa House Main Bedroom Design IdeasThe advantage of this architectural design concept: a house that not only for going home or resting, but a house that designed with villa concept and has additional facilities to support this family comfort.

Funny Villa House Kids Bedroom Design InteriorColor application: a child’s bedroom, kitchen, playroom and spa using spotless paint with the tertiary color, this paint has advantage because it does not absorb stain or dirt, so that more durable and look fresh every day.
Building materials: using several natural stone types, ranging from ‘salagedang’ stone, ‘templek’ stone, coral, and others.