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Elegant Dwelling and Luxury Real Estate Collection

Luxury Real Estate Design GalleryAre you fans of the Twilight movie and the sequel, New Moon is phenomenal? Twilight New Moon Movie was released around in 2009 and resulted in $ 72.7 million on the first day of screenings and becomes record beating The Dark Night Film which just raised $ 67 million on the first day of screenings.

Amazing Dwelling Design InspirationWe picked up the other side of success in this film, the Cullen family’s residence, a vampire family who have an important role in the storyline of this movie. Cullen family house is raised in several scenes in the story. A luxury house that depict the luxury life of vampires in the storyline.

Contemporary Dwelling Design GalleryThis contemporary home comes from the inspiration of architect Arthur Erickson and then renovated by Brian Hemingway in 2001, located in the green hills of West Vancouver and surrounded by towering trees in the vicinity. A house has 15 rooms that was reportedly sold for $ 3,298,000. It was a fantastic price, even for a luxury home, but this price may not apply for you that becomes fans of this movie.