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Extraordinary Home Gallery

Fantastic HomeThis project is so wonderful! Housing project was designed by experts from Ehrlich Architects, and this house is located in California. This house is known as 700 Palms residence.

Amazing house designA large glass in this house gives a very light, but sustainability is a major concern, so that architects use concrete floor to absorb the warmth of the sun in the winter, windows can be opened and large sliding door to facilitate natural ventilation and recycled materials are low maintenance.

Awesome home imageThe owner of this project wants to get a modern and elegant accommodation, which will have a high correlation between a beautiful interior garden.

Extraordinary Home InteriorAnd the wall, entirely made of glass, it looks so amazing, dissolving barriers between indoor and outdoor.

Extraordinary Home ImageThe facade is made of steel and it is also the owner’s wishes.

Extraordinary Home ImageLiving room with a large window to see the scene outside the house

Extraordinary House BedroomUnusual bedroom concept in a large room