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Factors that Determine for a Healthy Home

New interior designTo achieve a healthy condition of  the house, what are the elements that should be observed from the elements ‘in’ house? The first thing  most important is the house should be able to  accommodate the activities of its inhabitants, and spacious enough for all users. When a house inhabited by three people, then the area of the house  should be able to fill the needs of three people, so the need for space and activities of every person to run well. It can be conceived and  designed  at the beginning of  the process of building a house,  by determining  space requirements should be provided for everyone.

Structure of house construction is made to prop up house in order to stand upright and are not easily collapsed by natural factors, such as wind and earthquakes, while also capable of supporting the weight of the structure of the house itself (dead load) and load the contents of the house as the occupants and furnishings (living expenses .)

Beautiful HouseHome environment should be protected from adverse factors of health, such as high-voltage electricity wires, sewage plant effluent or fumes that harm health, air pollution from vehicles and excessive road dust, air pollution from air pollution sources such as factory smoke, landfills or ranch. Disturbances of this health if continues over time can result in unwanted disease.

Natural Air also need to be in a healthy residential design. Air process is the air flow inside the house, namely the exchange of dirty air and clean air. Have adequate natural air will support residents in terms of respiratory health. Natural air also dispels the damp air that can damage furniture. Another element to consider is our relation with nature. Having a close relation with nature is the need of every person. Sometimes after long being in the house, we need to get out to the yard only see the green leaves or inhaling breath a fresh air. Gardening and farming activities will also help us have a relation with nature is good and eliminate boredom.

Unique designHealthy home also needs to have the facilities necessary for a healthy life, such as clean water, waste disposal facilities and good water, and soil conditions allow good water absorption to support the environment. This facility is a support for life everyday, so we are not preoccupied with the search for clean water.

Have a good natural resources will support health, such as the morning sun is acceptable as well (facing east is better, and when facing west, will require special design concept so that the hot afternoon sun did not go home much.) Likewise, the existence of conditions of soil fertile enough for cultivation.