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Fantastic and Contemporary Dwelling Design Theme

Extraordinary Real Estate Decorating DesignA few years ago, everyone was crazy about the Twilight movie. A romance story which tells love story between a girl with vampire. It’s unnatural because the vampire is the darkness figure that sinister and dangerous. Vampire in this film like “human” that live in the modern and luxury world, even living in a luxurious and charming home.

Latest Residence Decorating DesignEdward Cullen, vampire figure (male main character) in the twilight movie described living in a luxurious contemporary home with his family. The Hoke House, is the designation for this house in real life. Designed by architect Jeff Kove from Skylab Architecture and done by Metcalf Construction. Lucy Metcalf acted as interior designer and landscape architect. This house design was actually designed for John Hoke’s family, the house was used in the movie twilight and it is located outside Forks City, WA, and also called “Nike House” because the owner is an executive at the Nike company.

Exotic Real Estate Design ThemeIf you are observant enough and big fan of this film, without missing the sequel you must know that the house on the Twilight movie sequel; New Moon is different house. Actually, it’s not more luxurious than the house that used in New Moon movie but it has good interior and appearance even looks sinister. The interior most uses bright color to get elegant impression, so that it’s suit for you who want to build luxury house with elegant concept. Via