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Fantastic and Extraordinary Office Design Layout

Futuristic Office Design PicturesThe specialty of this building is the shape and the location that unusual on the shoreline. To display a shipping company, the architects explore and work as an artist in creating a sculpture. Futuristic building concept with heavy-light consideration on the building shape, it is an initial idea of the ship space that landed on the rocks beach.

Aesthetic Office Design PhotosGenerally, when people build functional building such as offices are usually not so concerned with aesthetic. Moreover, the location is adjacent to the sea. Because the owner appreciate the artwork, then the architects proposed a unique design. Actually this building is like a lighthouse that easily recognizable from long distance. The sailors will know the location to be addressed, so they will not be stray because this building can be a clue. Moreover, many ships will be docked for loading and unloading.

Popular Corporate Office Design ModelThis office was not large only 300 m². The company is involved in shipbuilding, stone, and sand. “I try to combine these three into corporate identity,” said the architects. Ship shape is not inspired ship shape today but future-oriented, futuristic, like a spacecraft. Because the company is involved in rock and sand sector, then shape taken as meteorite. The corporate identity is very clear. The building shape blend with the nature. Environment around the building is longitudinal rocks beach. The building context wanted to be a clue and landmark.

Exciting Home Office Design IdeasShape on the top using double construction with the outer skin of glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) material. GRC is designed and printed one by one because each panels has different size. Meanwhile inside, the wall is simple. This system is used because the natural condition in Location very hot, exactly at the beach. To reduce the heat, then used double skin, so hot inside has been reduced.

Awesome Home Office Design ThemeLarge building shape at the top makes under building getting shadow so if the heat is not felt when the window opened. Heat from the top has been avoided with double skin so it does not sink to the bottom. Then the room felt comfortable and when the wind was blowing fresh enough then at the bottom is cool, although not using AC. The building concept is designed eco-friendly, because space is not so great, then as divider used of sandblast glass partition. Spaces in the middle are not dark because the sunlight penetrating to the middle of building. Transparency and contemporary modernity are also visible. Materials used looks light. All materials are anti-corrosion.

Interested Office Interior DesignThe building part that made unique is building facade on the top that blend with the roof. Irregular roof is an architect’s innovative thinking in the design exploration along with precision and careful calculation in design. The entire building is like a big rock in the stretch of rocky breakwaters.

Wonderful Home Office Design InteriorSpace inside is designed with room function adjusted with predetermined shape. Iridescence on the interior gives cool nuance into the building. The colors are calm and cool, like gray and white, combined with the cheerful colors like light green and blue light, making space in the building felt more cheerful. Harmonious combination between exterior and interior of the building is the thinking result and solution that produce an architecture work that explorative and innovative. On the top painted with colors of gray brown like a rock so low maintenance and will never looks dirty. When this building was completed and operated, the existing buildings in the neighborhood began to clean themselves. This is a positive social impact of the presence of this building. Existing office buildings in the vicinity began to repainting, the roof addition, or the new building addition.