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Hidden Health Concerns in Your Furnace

Most of us wouldn’t know what to do without our furnaces. After all, they’re often the only thing keeping our homes livable when the weather turns against us. In fact, many of us wouldn’t even be able to live in the climates we do without our furnaces pumping our nice, warm air.

The problem is this air may not be good for our health. You might be surprised to know that your furnace works by pulling in air from the outside world. Once it’s pulled inside, the furnace works to heat it and then pumps it throughout the home.

There’s no guarantee this air is clean and, if it’s not, the furnace is actually working to pass the dirty air around the house as much as possible. This is especially problematic for those of us with allergies. Imaging your home—the place you go to for shelter—actually working against you.

Fortunately, you don’t need a new furnace. A far more affordable solution is available. Pick up and install an electrostatic furnace filter and you’ll immediately notice a difference in the quality of air in your home. If it fits your particular furnace, a replacement Honeywell air filter will be just the ticket.

This winter, stay in side; stay warm; and stay healthy with a reliable air filter.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of home air filters for your furnace and air conditioning systems. You’ll get the warm or cool air you want and can rest assured it’s fine to breathe too.