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House with Heptagon Shape

This house area is six hectares, which was originally planned as part of the slope. The land is located 15 kilometers north of Los Angeles. In 1952 was built in a small house for artists, who is now a sufficient spatial. They left the guest house and occupied the rest of the way for new projects.

This modern house designed by the form in terms of seven and a series of diagonally across the interior. A research organization produces seamless transitions between different rooms at a sharp angle which comes from some form of it.

For example, the main bedroom has three sides, but not big enough to accommodate many people. You can open a page and connect to the spacious bathroom.

Modern house partition has no doors, it’s built on a succession of space and seems to have no columns or beams to buffer. It is built on concrete and metal slab hidden with beams wood.

Large opening has two glass with UV sun protection and strategically arranged to create cross ventilation through the room.