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How to Decorate Bedroom Design Layout

Classical Master Bedroom Design LayoutEverything about the bedroom can not be separated with ‘comfortable’. The bedroom should be as comfortable as possible, so that the owner can rest comfortably in their bedroom. But do you know if cozy bedroom is not only the dim lights or soft sheets. There is one important thing that often overlooked and even ignored by the owner’s bedroom. Incorrect positioning of the bedroom can be harmful for health.

There are several guidance for your bed position:

Contemporary Main Bedroom Design LayoutDo not position the bed directly in front of the door. Because the air flow will be directly on the body when we open the door, so that it can cause disease such as cold or respiratory illness.

Do not position your bed too close with the wall. It is not only difficult for you when you want to change the sheets, however, the bed against the wall can cause the wall color become discolored and damp.

Luxury Master Bedroom Design InteriorDo not put the bed right beside the window. This is not recommended for asthmatics because the wind and dust through the windows will make your asthma recurrence.

Do not put the bed right under the AC. It is also not good for health because when exposed to air conditioning during the night will cause cold and when our head is exposed to air conditioner all night, then we will be headache all day.

Fantastic Bedroom Decorating Design ConceptThe best position to put your bed is in the middle of the room with the headboard against the wall with fitted small table in both sides.