Innovative and Attractive Swiss Chalet Design Inspiration

Latest Swiss Chalet Design Construction

Latest Swiss Chalet  Design ConstructionThree-story house with an area of 420 m² has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. When designing this house, the architect was not so freely poured his ideas. Because the shape of house building has been determined due to the restrictions set out in this region. Regulation of building in hilly area is quite tight, because the location where the house is located just under a castle that already famous and historic in the Salzentein City, Switzerland. All buildings in this area are governed strictly order not to ‘destroy’ a characteristic that has long had.

Dream Swiss Chalet  Design InspirationPresumably the structure as a box with sloping roof, the architect tried approaching the overall shape of the building as a single part. Stresses the front facade of the house leads into Constance Lake, while the back of the house is not many openings reflect the natural conditions around the house with landscaping that green and neatly arranged.

Unique Swiss Chalet  Design ConceptSometimes restriction can be a catalyst of creativity. So even in this project, it gives some ideas that become solution to overcome the traditional picth roof design, although the design remains in a shape that has been determined. Tec Architecture is able to find a way to express the desired language of modern design in the context of local homeowners vernacular. Glass application in front of the building is the key of success that makes the home bright all-round. Bringing freedom to express views and spacious house, comfortable, and look attractive.

Classic Swiss Chalet Design ModelThe architect designed the main facade in the front of the house becomes completely transparent, especially in the second and third floors, which each floor there are terrace with large enough size to lounge enjoying views of the valley hills. All the front walls of this house are from glass, so it relies on daylight enough sunlight. The architect take pride in interpreting the proposed restriction on this house design. Such projects are handled by other Tec Architecture, they stick to the rules that have been determined, but also attempted to find the parts that can encourage architects to display their creativity, while maintaining and follow the guidlines that have been agreed. Via