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Latest Shower Design Model

Luxury Shower Ecco Charade ModelThis luxury bathroom design from Italy, this design looks modern, added with good lighting, designed by iB Rubinetterie a Italian bathroom design expert. The design this time at the new spa shower head that innovative and enlightening literally.

New Shower DesignWaterfalls on the shower as this luxurious spa to control the modern chrome choice. This shower design has rounded shape with size of 280mm square and 600mm, in addition to various features that are constantly changing in color and now the right color therapy sessions in the your comfortable.

Latest Gessi Shower Wellness DesignEnjoy the qualities and characteristics of bright color. Shower is combined with calm water jets that can be adjusted from spray water on the shower.

It’s the coolest design can bequeath toiletries that can turn you into the ultra-sensory experience.