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Lovely Purple Lavender in The Bedroom

Lavender design bedroom is filed classical style, but not always for the girls. Design with the theme of Lavender in the bedroom design can be appropriate and suitable for the design of the main bedroom and also to design bedroom boys.

You can make start with a neutral space and then added with a soothing color. To create a bedroom with lavender purple in a bedroom design, you must be very confident in choosing the right mix with the theme of lavender or purple color.

Perhaps only with having a purple blanket or pillow cover your bed with purple you can see how you can digest the color. If it does not make you feel comfortable then you can continue perhaps by adding one of the paintings on the wall with purple or lavender picture.

If you want to make the room look more beautiful and comfortable enough, then you can use more furniture or more wall painting or have a lavender purple light shadow.

You can also try other colors such as magenta or red color because it is also important in the design of your bedroom decor. This color will also be a little tease with your favorite color.

You can also try to have some lavender arrangement of dried flowers on the side of your bed, lavender has a property to create properties of aromatherapy. It might even help you sleep soundly while adding color to the room. Keep the basic colors like white or brown for the color balance.