Luxurious and Modern Apartment Living with Shanghai Style

Futuristic Apartment Living Model

Futuristic Apartment Living ModelAn apartment in area of 157 m² is a dwelling unit that has constraint before being renovated. Initially, there were a lot of dark spaces. The apartment atmosphere like ‘space in the room,’ which eventually cause problems, such as poor air circulation and lighting system. Apartment was totally renovated with a lot of walls that dismantled. Initially, the client was surprised, but once completed, he was grateful and happy with the interior design. Presenting the new atmosphere which makes the apartment looks like a luxury hotel. “Initially, there was a dark kitchen and the air was not flowing. Finally, the kitchen was dismantled and if needs insulation, only given the glass,” said The Architect.

Great Apartment Living Room DecorFor creating a good cross ventilation system and avoid the darkened room, the architect broke down some apartment walls, so there are some union spaces, although hierarchically is different. By fusing two oriental classic and contemporary styles, apartment interior looks more elegant. The owner is an antiques collector. As antiques lover, he has many collections, both China and Europe styles. Based on this collection, the architect took Shanghai style theme with more modern nuance, so as created a space that looks luxurious.

Artistic Apartment Interior Design GalleryAs we know, Shanghai is a city in China that very European culture. First people from Europe came into China in Shanghai. So life in Shanghai, thick with Europe-Western European nuance. Many antiques in Shanghai under the Europe influence. Buildings in the city are also much resembles with the buildings in Europe continental, but they are Chinese people with a strong tradition. This idea was combined by architect in this apartment unit. So that all the antiques are in the right place, then all collections including paintings that will be used, have been arranged well, set the color scheme and light layout. The owner did not think it can be created so neat apartment. Shanghai style with more modern nuance presents in the bedroom. The owner has antique Chinese bed, the architect mix with more modern design, so the interior will be fused.

Attractive Apartment Family Room Decorating IdeasThe different styles are combined with contemporary elements, as well as the proper layout do not make this apartment interior looks different language. Color selection between classical-oriental, like red, orange and blue seem compatible with the materials for cushion, curtain, carpet and wall finishing. The mirror design is used to effect multiple spaces, to be more widely and to reflect sunlight so that the room becomes brighter.

Amazing Apartment Dining Room Decorating PhotosThe use of mirrors on the ceiling in the dining room provides hierarchical difference with the family room that located in a large hall, so that space becomes clear and created the loft impression in the area. Renovation and processing space in this apartment create elegant luxury atmosphere and felt homy for occupancy. Initially, the space near window used as living room. Architect has changed the living room position into the dining room with large glass table with Italy style and all chairs are antique with European style. Only, all fabrics replaced with blue stripes motive, white, brown and other colors that tends to modern nuanced. The window in the dining room overlooking outward toward the pool. Ceiling above the dining table was finished with a mirror. Just because of little classical-European, then the mirror was given wood frame motive, so that classical nuance emerge. Swarosky modern-style chandelier hanging above the ceiling, the color can change between silver and gold.

Attractive Apartment Bedroom Decorating ThemeOn the walls, many beige-gray cabinets, with some brown wood. The atmosphere is bright, but not excessively bright, because using dimmers, so the atmosphere was warm. In this apartment, there is almost no white color. Color is widely used beige, gray, yellow, and brown, as many wall openings so it was brightly lit. The bathroom is also renovated. Bathroom wall using wood panel that covered with mustard-yellow marble with tiles with white sanitary. According to the architect, white sanitary indicates a high grade, because of related with hygiene factor. This apartment uses indirect lighting. The goal is the bathroom felt comfortable as spa hotel, according to the owner that has been established.