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Luxury and Dream Polygonal House Design Inspiration

Aesthetic Polygonal Home Design PlanMountain valley is the main view that will be directly dealing with the mountain landscape that stretches. Design step becomes the client’s request to enjoy freely the beautiful scenery. The geographical position has interesting character, and of course it can add value, which makes this area as a perfect place for a residential and recreation. Green natural condition with calm hilly valley area, and away from the hustle of city.

Luxurious Polygonal Home Design IdeasIn designing this house, the architect placed the main building in the northern part of the site. This work is done in order to the maximum garden area that facing the south can be maintained at the site with irregular polygonal shape, so that the main house mass had become irregular polyhedron. With this step, the presence of house becomes harmony with the surrounding natural context. In addition, openings that designed by architect can be achieved, where the rooms inside the house can receive sunlight well. Unique roof form resembles the curve of hill valley with most of the roof in the center is open. Thus, not only the wall part that formed to create openings, but also the innovative roof.

Futuristic Polygonal Home Design SchemeIrregular landform also makes irregular home facade. However, this condition provides an opportunity for the architect to present a good home plan. It can be displayed on the exterior as yard that designed lengthwise to obtain a broad view, and it can be connected with the ladder in the side, so that we can enjoy the garden at the rear, recreation park and hills landscaping.

Exciting Polygonal Home Interior DesignFor the work space, the architect separates a small office space of housing spaces function. Neutral exterior space that exists between these two functions is created as transitional space. Penetration place that connects the front yard and backyard. The main public space, living room, dining room, bridge theater, master bedroom, homebar, billiard room, a swimming pool, designed as a single unit in order to facilitate movement and communication between spaces.

Interesting Polygonal Home Design ConceptThe interior inside the house presents an exciting arrangement of irregular shape. Communication between space carefully constructed and interconnected. Each room expresses special character. Similarly, each floor open-communication relationship between floor space unify atmosphere, making it easier for anyone to connect. The lighting placement is designed carefully and all artificial lighting system in the house are not just light up the room, but bring artistic mission. The light brings character that presenting warm and familiar ambient. Rigid impression of concrete wall that combined with aluminum layers are not felt. Homy impression is also created from wooden floors and certainly burst lights with wise placement with the unique light shape.

Extraordinary Polygonal Home Design ConceptThe broad living room becomes a comfortable space for entertaining guests. Broad view aperture through the high glass wall open view to the outside landscape context. Moreover, the spatial circulation flowing into the room also open freely. Living room harmonization increasingly complete with billiard rides. Mini bar area at the end presents home entertainment sensation designed by Kim-HyoMan, the famous architect of Seoul, South Korea. Bridge theater is one that becomes sensation in the living room. Aside from being link between spaces, this bridge design is also for a watch anyway, that provided a series of sofas. In addition to a broad view, the bridge theater idea is also one of the space utilization, without having to provide a special home theater room.