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Matryoshka House Design Gallery

Minimalist Home Design IdeasMinimalist home design, Matryoshka House by David Jameson. Do you love with meditation? you can create a home that can support the meditation.

Modern Home Design PhotoLike this house design, according to the architect, as the physical and spiritual center of the meditation house design, the internal energy of the meditation room was packed in an open shiny frame. To increase the door threshold to the meditation room, the participants involved by alternating-tread staircase. A container-clad wood living room surrounded by the meditation room. As the protective layer and the house foundation to the earth, plaster wall embrace this shell in turn.

Luxury Home Design ImageTo allow the sun to protect light lines, between space of nested volume strategically sliced. Because of simplicity and excellent design than impressive dimension, it’s great to be amazing living. David Jameson Architect designed House Matryoshka. Modern house located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Based on the concept of Matryoshka, this minimalist house consists of a volume series located one inside the other.