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Minimalist Home Design Model – Streckhof Reloaded

Minimalist Home Design ImageStreckhof Reloaded modern minimalist home is located in a residential which has the characteristics for the 1970’s. A traditional home design, function for each level consists of the basement / garage, ground floor / living space; floor loft / bedroom.

Modern Home Design PhotoThey have been transformed into a linear order. The so-called “streckhof”, stringing with different functions within single floor of adapting the original farm model in this area.

Austria Luxurious House DesignThis minimalist house design has three similar structures with container summarized in different function. A canopy leading to the hallway full of glass and end up on the overhang on the park side shows the main entrance from the street. Garage and storage space in the first of three containers. Natural Lamp reached from three sides in the living room and in the second container, which as a terrace. The kitchen directly connects vegetable garden.

Austria Awesome Home DesignIntimate area, away from the road and entrance area implied by the third container. Two child bedrooms oriented facing east, there is a bathroom, which lies between the two. parents’ bedroom is oriented to the west. The last two buildings framed terrace with a pool sweep, so the wind and privacy protected. They can be accessed from the kitchen, living room, hallway and parents’ bedroom.

Single Family Home TypeConstruction of this minimalist house design:
The outer wall is designed as brick construction, to ensure that clients can build as many as possible. Client’s family installed insulation and facade made of acrylic glass. Construction of the roof is made of prefabricated wooden elements with a sealing foil. The corridor connecting as bridge. The facade consists of structural glass without repairing mechanical.

Modern Single Family House in Austria by Franz ArchitectEngineering facilities
Underfloor heating is all the living room. A geometrical heater collector and two heat pumps can heat water. Path, there is an open and closed sequence that view constant into the open space of each container. Vineyard reached into the home by planting both sides of the shiny aisle with a Controlled wine. Ventilation restrained with heat recovery that supplied fresh air. A solar collector on rooftop is heated swimming pool.

Latest Streckhof Reloaded Single Family House in AustriaModern minimalist home Zellerndorf, Austria, designed by the Vienna studio, Franz Architect. Minimalist house design consists of three separate units connected by glass parts. Called Streckhof Reloaded, there is garage and storage in the volume nearest to the kitchen, street, living and dining area in the next unit and bedrooms in the unit, farthest the most personal.

Minimalist Streckhof Reloaded Single Family House in Austria by FranzAccessed through the kitchen, living room, hallway or parents’ room, terrace and swimming pool located between the two farthest volume. A kitchen garden in the rear and both sides of the glass pavement there is wine. The photographs by Lisa Rastl.