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Modern and Exotic Resort Design Architects

Exotic Resort Design InspirationThe specialty of this building is combination between two concepts in one building, namely urban and resort. The front of building (north) adopted urban architecture style with dynamic geometric sector design, while the inside of the house (south) accentuate the resort nuance. If we look at the house with the position facing toward the road, then the road is not very large, very urban, and crowded. But we enter into inside, the area is very broad. At the rear house, the land is decline and has the green view.

Charming Resort Design Photos“Because of uniqueness of this land, then architects combine between urban and resort concept. Where the land toward road is very urban, while behind is full of the resort nuance. Building with area of 600 m² is successfully combining the two characters. The building is divided into two parts. The function is also divided, in which the front functioned for child’s bedroom. The room is made more urban. While living room and master bedroom, faced back toward the indoor garden. It’s considered because the resort has quiet space.

Luxurious Resort Design ArchitectsIn the front, because it’s more urban and noisy, then the window openings are not too many. The forms that used more geometric. While the behind, designed as if we are in the gazebo. Like the living room as if surrounded by garden. Only remains closed with doors and glass window because sometimes tropical condition, such as mosquitoes, insects and air conditioning (AC), then to meet it, the space must be enclosed. But in view and feeling, we are like in the middle of garden. The room composition is arranged well, so that interior and exterior are fused. In addition to the rear of building, the resort nuance is also present in the middle of building that is an inner court surrounded by three buildings. Inner court was designed from the ground floor to top, so it became orientation center in space.

Aesthetic Resort Design GalleryAlthough the land is large, architects still make the inner court in the middle between front and rear building. The goal as source of air blowing and lighting in the room. All rooms have windows naturally. Although the building is very bright with many openings, but still prioritize good air circulation to enter and exit the wind, so that the heat arising from the sun, not felt. So anything in the room may be hot, but because there is air blowing, then air temperature in the room will not be felt hot. Then openings position is important, including the courtyard to provide air circulation and good natural lighting. There is also cross ventilation both horizontally and vertically.

Interested Resort Design ConceptThe house location in water infiltration area, so the land for this house only uses no more than 30% of 800 m² of land available. The interior design was clean, like interior with white domination in almost all parts of house. The use of HPL patterned zebrano and bright colors like red and blue in child’s bedroom, make the room more dynamic, not pale but cheerful. The use of building materials in this house is not much using wood, such as aluminum window and roof construction using mild steel. Architects use the wood to save our forest, because the design is contemporary tropical, it must be many wood elements. The building outside, there are certain walls that looks like wood boards whereas cement based. Just painted and shaped like wood texture. Most important, the building must be reasonable, both the cost aspect and maintenance.