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Modern and Luxury Tropical Home Design with Golf Field Background

Fantastic Tropical House design IdeasSensitivity to manage all natural potential surrounding us is an architect’s principle in designing residential becomes comfortable, safe and beautiful. Why not? In area was so vast, architects can create a modern tropical dwelling with green golf field background. Of course, the work was not created suddenly, but through a long process in managing ideas and concept. Architects needs about two and a half months to find home plans that fit and adequate for the owner and family.

Artistic Tropical House Design PlansAfter understanding the owner’s desire and needs, as well as see the local environmental situation, finally architects decided to design a modern tropical home. On area of 15×20 m², located in the Golf Estate, Bogor, architects designed two-level dwelling, which equipped with basement and attic building on the roof. Overall building areas reach 350 m². Tropical home design in accordance with state that has summer and rainy season. In the application, architects put more emphasis on simple building forms and the house remains comfortable and safe to live, either summer or rainy season. More about modern tropical design, architects told that tropical home concept more emphasis on the balance between building and the surrounding environment, so the house can be one with nature. Similarly, the open layout and the green plants are very dominant.

Interested Tropical House Outdoor DesignThe material selection is also more familiar with nature. Architects uses natural stones on the walls, glass and parquet floor coatings. The building materials combination makes the room looks more natural. Moreover, Bogor as a city that has relatively high rainfall compared to other regions, then the roof design should be designed with model that can drain the water quickly. This area, also has high humidity, mildew grows easily everywhere and the wood quickly becomes rotten. To overcome it, architects designed the space with high ceiling and a lot of openings, so that all places have access to sunlight from every direction and good air circulation.

Exotic Tropical House Design PhotosArguably, this house is like a resort. See, the building is so exotic and beautiful that has natural impression. Variety of green plants that grow around the house, becomes beautiful vegetation frame. It was very quiet and so cool. The birdsong that perched on branches sounded loud in gazebo. Enjoy the beauty of nature and thicket of trees around the house, like being at a resort in the forest edge. Indeed, this terrace functioned as a living room. From the terrace towards the main room, there is the foyer as transitional space before entering the main room. The ground floor layout is created without insulator between the spaces, family room, dining room, and pantry are in a spacious area. No wonder, if the activity in these three rooms can be done simultaneously. Only the guest bedroom and bathroom are restricted solid wall.

Innovative Tropical House Design ThemeMild furniture selection and soft monochromatic combination, ranging from the floor, wall to ceiling give calm and spacious atmosphere. Clear glass wall along the ground floor area makes the space seem more spacious, and views to the outside becomes transparent, as if no limit. The park view can be enjoyed full in the dining room, living room and family room. Although building uses transparent glass material, the resident’s activity in the house, the privacy is still maintained and not visible from the outside. “There are two fences of rust resistant galvanized material as high as 2.4 m, filled with split stone, along the rear area and beside the house.”

New Tropical House Design ImagesBefore walking up linear staircase that becomes link to the second floor. Nothing wrong, if you look basement floor first. Space measuring 3.5 x12 m² is laid out in comfort. Here, there are two maids rooms, bathroom, storage, service area, wet kitchen, dining room & living room / TV room and room for mechanical. The space arrangement on the 2nd floor is not much different with the ground floor. Open and simple concept is very pronounced. Mild furniture selection blends well with other interior. Clear glass wall and granite tile 1 x 1 m that has soft color creates space atmosphere seemed roomy.

Best Tropical House Design ViewThe space division on the top floor includes the master bedroom complete with dry bath, kids bedroom, bathroom, study room, den, family room, and balcony. If on the ground floor has garden view, on the second floor presents of golf field nuance that is not less beautiful, with rows of large and small trees. This beautiful golf field appears in every room. Both the master bedroom, child’s room, and another room. To enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the cool air, residents can sit back on the balcony. Outdoor building uses wood from Kalimantan that is resistant to hot weather, rain, and anti-termite. The balcony can be reached from many ways, one through the bridge crossing over voids that connects between the main room with balcony. Architects also realize the owner’s wishes that has a hobby collecting weapons. A attic building on the roof serves to store canned objects. The space measuring 3×7 m² can be achieved from the second floor by using folding ladder that hidden flush with the ceiling.