Modern Contemporary Burgundy Apartment Design Interior

Luxurious Burgundy Bedroom Design Inspiration

Attractive Burgundy Dining Room Design Ideas‘What’s in a name’, it was ever said by poet ‘William Shakespeare’ in his work. For this apartment unit, at first glance there is French style in there, but that’s not the desired meaning. Burgundy in meaning is a natural brown color with reddish touch. This color that becomes soul that inspiring interior, furniture to lighting with soft burgundy impression.

Luxurious Burgundy Bedroom Design InspirationThe choice is intended to offset the rhythm of life that high enough for the occupants that the average young couple that still productive to work from morning till night. For that, it takes interior design which provides comfortable room atmosphere and warmth in modern minimalist design. The spaces are designed natural, warm and comfortable with the vast space effect. In fact, these interiors seem able to double the existing space with the use of mirror and glass elements. Natural, warm, and cozy impression are also presented through the wood materials placement ion the wall panel, ceiling, and some furniture that also become interior magnet.

Contemporary Burgundy Living Room Design ModelEntering the living room, there is the backdrop panel that utilize concrete wall (shear wall) as the interior elements. In addition to as the family room backdrop, this panel also has function as the door transition to the service room. This panel is designed not touch the ceiling and wall, the use of mirror on the top and sides creates backdrop impressed stands alone. Ceiling as if on space on the backdrop back side that reflected by the mirror, while mirror reflection on the backdrop side giving the spacious space impression. To give special emphasis on the family room that become the center of occupant’s activity, then the ceiling raised rather high and flying. Between the upper ceiling given gold color, so that when given the light effect, this family room felt warmer and comfortable.

Exclusive Burgundy Apartment Interior DesignStudy room was designed as transparent space by placing glass wall and mirror, so that small-sized room can be felt wide up to the dining room, but the function can be distinguishable. Study room was designed uniquely with shelves shaped more dynamic and fused with study desk. Pantry area was designed not less interesting. Interior designer uses white marble as top table pantry and white duco finishing for all closet doors. The essence of pantry space supports occupant’s lifestyle that impressed natural trend, so the pantry area can present simple, modern, and clean impression.

Artistic Burgundy Dining Room Design ConceptThe spaces division that contained within this unit is basically just following the existing space design from the developer, only the interior that changes as a whole. After passing the main door, room that looks directly in advance is the pantry, dining room, living room and study room, where space was previously used as child’s bedroom. Maid’s bedroom and bathroom are behind the family room where the entrance is hidden like the use of backdrop in the family room. The color choice is very important factor in interior design, in addition to texture and complexion. Without losing the simplicity principle, color acted as an accent and atmosphere creator that impressed natural, warm and comfortable with the color scheme taking the earth colors such as wood colors (beige and brown), as well as the dominance of white for modern impression, light, clean, and simple.

Futuristic Burgundy Bedroom Design ThemeCeramic floor finishing material that has cream color was chosen to give unified impression, spacious, clean, and tidy with other material and furniture. Wood material used as backdrop in the bedroom, the television panel, ceiling, and as wall coverings. While in the master bedroom, the use of parquet as floor finishing giving warm and cozy impression. The balance between natural and modern in this apartment interior design ‘flow’ properly. Warm wood elements can present co-exist with modern tone that impressed heavy, thus creating modern contemporary design that still has wide and light effect. Via