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Modern Dwelling Real Estate Design Photos

Modern Dwelling Design PhotosTan Residence by Christophorus Jauhari of chrystallineartchitect. The first idea in designing this house was to create a home with good air circulation and natural lighting in the site. The main building dimension is made lengthwise toward the rear to allow create a garden large enough in the east building. All openings are directed garden to avoid the sun heating, coming from the west at night. Purpose of creating air flow into the inner courtyard is achieved by utilizing the difference of level between the living room and main room. It’s possible to create constant air flow to the garden. This idea is also supported by the landscape, which is slightly tilted, as the air circulation to enter the inside. Besides that, the landscape layout has function as camouflage to disguise the height of building from the east side.


Dwelling Home Design

Because this  residence is facing the north, we created a massive surface on the west, which is projected outwards to function as a hot buffer for the openings in the master and guest bedroom. Therefore, with a lower opening, the intensity of sunlight going into the room will not be too overwhelming. The surface is covered with skin marble stone that was specially  craved to produce an accent in the overall facade of the building. On the west region of the building, service rooms, which include a powder room, stairs and a master bathroom, are particularly designed as a hot buffer.