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Modern Swan Chair Style

Swan Chair DesignA collection of furniture emoticons is the format adopted by a unique organic shape and overall asymmetry. Very retro-style to living room concept with a peaks tip like a monument towering.

New Stylish Guest Chair Rapture FormSections closed bright orange that can be viewed as form part of a swan. This stylish chair with extended line of four legs and main body that coincide at one point.

This contemporary furniture is part of the interior concept for the house which want looks stylish. This Tomas Ekström furniture reveals high positive value as visual strength.

Latest Furniture Concept Beak Slender SwanGive interior decor that makes you happy in the living room. This furniture is using the continuity of curvature in two directions, unique form of asymmetry is the embodiment of innovation from the designer, Tomas Ekström. Plush seats for single seat without complicated form.

Fun to see the basic structure that solid and high support for the back. Although the design looks weird, but this elegant chair for all who use it. But if you notice, it’s like a monument in Indonesian, Monas.