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Multifunction Bathtub

You are happy to linger in the bathroom, boredom will certainly arise if there is no a complementary form of music to accompany you while you shower.

So, now this bathtub can be alternative to complete relaxation, which allows users to indulge the senses and the body, in Nahho music bathtub that can make you be in the luxury of three times that seen in modern minimalist design, simple and inspired by spa on bathtub and equipped with a music player.

This Bathtub using the straight-line sharp and cold on the use of white tiles that complement any style. This bathtub is also equipped with a new sound module that is above and below the water, now you can add “voice” for your home spa experience.

Speaker can be connected via Bluetooth to a sound system to display the menu, such as MP3 players or mobile phones that allows you to select and play your favorite songs, allowing users to indulge the senses and the body.