Octopus Table Design

Factory Style is an interesting site where the object of design can be chosen by people like us. If some products receive a lot of votes for the manufacturing company.

This is a table that resembles the Octopus and the table was designed by Jesse Shaw and named Octopus table. This table is one design that currently getting a lot of people vote for the type or model of the table.

This is inspired by the organic movement of the sea. Because octopus doesn’t have a backbone, but it’s very nimble feet.

Basic table inspired invertebrates that could be reversed and allows for your choice of two that look different, the tentacles are facing upwards or downwards.

Scientists believe that the octopus has 6 arms and 2 legs. This is a low table which also has 6 hands quiet calm.

This table can easily bring the conversation to anyone who saw, like this chair or lamp Octopus.