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Open Space Idea in The Kitchen is Connected with Living Room

Kitchen Ernestomeda from Italy, is always committed to running ‘QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’ in accordance with the standards of Vision 2000.

It means that, every product they have created certainly too strong, safe and high quality due to pass various tests on the material.

This is one of many certified kitchen products of Ernestomeda, it is a series Silverbox made of many materials and colors that express elegance.

Designed with a simple but luxurious to set the tone at home with contemporary design schemes, where the dividing line between the kitchen area and living spaces become increasingly narrow, to the point where it disappeared completely in the modern open space layout.

Aluminum can be used together or alternately with warm wood materials or shiny wood and a variety of lamination, material and other forms to ensure that outstanding design quality.

Kitchen with black atmosphere

Kitchen with white atmosphere

Kitchen with green atmosphere

Kitchen with orange atmosphere

Conclusion, Silverbox is created for those seeking solutions for the kitchen area on open space and furniture design.