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Sofa Foam Replacements give Soggy-Looking Furniture a New Uplift

Soggy-Looking FurnitureWritten by: The Foam Factory

Careful selection of furniture does not guarantee that normal wear and tear will not occur. A comfortable sofa or chair can become soggy after years of wear. Instead of tossing out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak, replace that sofa foam with new cushions.

Selections Galore

Don’t stop at the first sofa foam replacement option that you see. There are different selections of foam that feel just right and give your furniture a brand new look. Shop with these features in mind:

  • Firmness for Occasional Use
  • Super soft foam for Everyday Use
  • Medium foam for seat cushions

A couch foam should be cut to conform to the overall size of the existing form. You may have to trim and round the edges to keep the same warm appeal as what once made your sofa look appealing. Make sure the thickness of the couch foam is as close to the depth of what you currently have. The edges of your old cushions will provide a good measurement guide.

Keep these suggestions in mind and you will have a couch that looks just like new when the correct sofa foam replacement is used. Don’t surrender to buying new furniture when an excellent piece is almost perfect. Take the time to review different options and put several years of additional wear into your beloved piece of furniture.