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Spectacular White Box House Design Inspiration

Artistic White Box House Design ConstructionA residence with area of 120 m² was processed with the basic composition of simple geometric that has squares and rectangles shape that aligned with white on all building walls. The uniqueness of this house, although the land only measuring 6m x 20m, the architect still make a courtyard in the middle of the building, even equipped with a waterfall and fish pond. This house is simple, with the dominance of white in interior processing and the mirror area design, make the room inside the house has spacious impression. This building has been renovated twice. The first was in 1991, when the architect just did a little addition to the old building. While the second renovation, it’s done totality after this house occupied several years. When the total renovation done, only a few concrete structures that were still maintained and the building was made level.

Futuristic White Box House Interior DesignThe architect explore by using teak as strong accent that placed randomly at the main entrance and the stairs. General lighting radiates warmth white rays. Lighting system using a timer, so when the dark, the light on automatically, thus saving energy. This house has three bedrooms with the master bedroom that quite unique because it has a mezzanine. The existence of the inner court allows air and light can enter freely into the room, making this house environmentally friendly. Clean kitchen placed overlooking the inner court that aimed removing smoke directly. This is the perfect solution for the house in urban area with limited area, but still notice the comfort of room inside the house so it felt more hommy.

Luxurious White Box House Design IdeasThis house is overlooking west which always exposed to heat continuously. Whereas the bottom of the living room, should get a lot of openings toward the front. The solution, the top of the building moved forward with the aim of providing shade for the room underneath. While the upper room, because there are two children’s bedrooms, the window openings were given profile (fin antidote to sunlight) like the letter “U” in order to provide shadow to the window, so no direct sunlight. Although small house, the architect still pursue a house concept that energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Building on the west side using double walls with the wall method overlooking west and given vacuum cavity and Polycarbonate layer in front, the purpose of this method is to lower the room temperature in west side, so it’s not overheat.

Charming White Box House Design ImageAmong the brick wall and Polycarbonate placed the lamp as lighting at night. The effect, at night the gap that given the lamp will light on and make the wall like luminous, so that the building will be light. This treatment gives a different effect between day and night. People who used to pass the afternoon, at night they could be stopped, surprised. They will say “Is this the same house or not?” because the presence of the light effect. This is the tricks that should be considered although small and simple house. With limited area, this house was made as high as two half floors with large window openings, the use of skylight in the inner court and the bridge that use the jilumesh framework making this dwelling looks bright and light. The materials composition such as steel, glass and jilumesh used to provide a contemporary industrial image.

Exclusive White Box House Decorating Design ConceptAt the back, there’s hobby room because the owner likes sewing. With a full glass constantly upward, making the room looks more bright and spacious, so when the power outages at night, this house is still ablaze, because the moonlight into the building. So that wind can flow faster, the architect still make the courtyard in the middle and at the back. The room at back can make the owner sleeps when working because the wind is very good, breeze because of air pressure. This building is located in the complex, so the neighbors who came here giving a response that this house is bigger than their house, whereas the same land area. This impression presents because this house is designed with an open concept. Where the living room and dining room are fused and there is no pole at all in the middle. Via