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Colorful Sofa

New Cassina Sofas Starck Prive Photo

Modern Sofa Design for Bed

Sofa is like island shape with two backs and arms as plate support center which really fancy, many steps to do to …

Modern Rococo Sofa

Rococo Chair Design Model

France is known for the elegance, country fashion, and quality. Everyone admired to elegance of French fashion designers and their creations, and …

Swivel Chair

Appearance, shape, material on this chair, all point to the style of the late 60 / early 70’s. But Rive Droite chair …

An Aesthetic Seating

The concept of seating set to the need to provide relatively small size of the area, while completing a series of seating …

Concepts for Furniture House

What is your reason to buy a minimalist furniture from a furniture store? Good model or color of lure, often becomes a …