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Tiny Houses Green And Solar Roof

New HouseDaihai Fei, a Chinese student has made ??a distinguished portable home eco-friendly.

House shaped like an egg which has a frame which is made of bamboo and then coated on top of a sack and a solar panel on the top power source for use in this small house.

Antique HouseInteresting here is to sack an architect who used the house filled with sawdust and grass seed where the hose bag zealously imaginable and then the grass will grow automatically filled with grass roof which in addition to making the greening as well as a layer to absorb the heat or the same as the Green Roof system (Green Roof)

Unique HouseInside this building the architect’s house there are only a bed, small sink, small closet and a lamp that use power from solar panels.

Amazing HouseTo make it easy to move, has also installed the wheels at the bottom to facilitate a small house are drawn to wherever you want.

Daihai Fei said that the architect’s house with this little house, he could save a lot because it is no longer need to pay all boarding-lodging house.