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Understanding the Differences Between a Fire and a Burglary Safe

Now that the decision is made to invest in a home safe, it’s time to decide what type of safe would provide the benefits desired. Two options to consider are fire safes and burglary safes. For those who are not sure how one type differs from the other, here is some information that will make it easier to choose between the two.

The Qualities of Burglary Safes

safe-burglarWith a burglary safe, the construction and the features are all geared toward one key function. That’s to keep an intruder from gaining access to the contents of the safe. To that end, the body and the door of the safe are constructed using materials that provide a reasonable amount of resistance to the use of blowtorches, explosives, and drills.

The locks on most high security safes are composed of metal parts that make drilling a difficult process for the intruder. This is important, since the delay in braking the lock may be enough to allow the authorities to show up and make an arrest.

The Construction of a Fire Safe

safe-on-fireFire safes are designed with an eye to minimizing any smoke or heat damage to the contents if a fire should break out. The materials used for the safe can withstand a great deal of heat. Coating the exterior as an added precaution boosts those properties. The degree of protection offered by the safe is determined by the rating assigned to the device. A higher rating means it is capable of withstanding higher temperatures for a longer period of time.

Keep in mind that it is possible to find security safes that also provide a measure of fire protection. A locksmith can help the client check out options for new and used safes that burglars will have trouble cracking and that will at least provide more of a chance for items stored in the safe to make it through a house fire.

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