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Whirlpool Bathtub, Japanese Tradition in The Modern Bathroom

As a renowned manufacturer of exclusive acrylic tub with whirlpool, KÄSCH proved their commitment to develop whirlpool tub that provides maximum relaxation and pleasure in the shower.

The whirlpool tub is TAKIYU’s collection perfectly designed to bring the tradition of Japan into a modern bathroom.

In the early days in the history of Asia, a hidden waterfall in the mountain is a place of pilgrimage for the ritual bathing of individual, and TAKIYU’s bath developed to create a natural experience in your home.

TAKIYU design concept is based on a combination of waterfall with air jet massage effect with water, reinforced with colored lighting, so you can enjoy the incredible experience of bathing in mineral springs and seemed to bathe in the waterfall pool.

Water continued to flow in a closed cycle from the bottom of the decorative cover, falling softly into the bathtub. Massage gently flowing water that brings relaxation and a return to inner peace.

TAKIYU’s model supports physical and psychological regeneration and available in various shapes such as square whirlpool tub, elliptical whirlpool bathtub, whirlpool tub with a round, rectangular whirlpool tub, space-saver whirlpool, tub-solo or duo-basin.

You can have a TAKIYU’s tub though you are not the Japanese.